The Everlasting Whisper
Glen Roachelle

The Everlasting Whisper

Glen Roachelle’s first book, The Wind and the Whisper, told his eyewitness-to-history account of “what I saw and heard when God came for a visit.” Readers were ringside at the surprising, intimate, and thrilling story of the spiritual visitation that launched a renaissance of worship, house churches, and discipleship in America.

Now, his new book, The Everlasting Whisper, tells the very dramatic story of what happened when the visitation ended. Glen vividly portrays the difference between lamenting the loss of an old era and the faith to walk boldly toward God’s everlasting word.

This book is a challenge and a resource to leaders in any arena. The book offers time-and-furnace tested wisdom on:

  • Why Joseph and Daniel are the best models of leadership in our time
  • The Kingdom of God
  • How to build relationships with other leaders, even those who are alienated, ambitious or hostile
  • Why vision (like seed) cannot be preserved; it must fall into the ground and die in order for it to come up as a corporate reality.
  • Viewing crises as doorways to true leadership.
  • Why it is more important for leaders to build integrity than to organize integration.
  • Learning to get beyond opinion and consensus and step into the wisdom of council.

I think you will quickly see that The Everlasting Whisper may be read like a novel, a devotional, or a leadership manual. It would make a great series for the leadership of a church or other organization.

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