New Eyes for a New World
Ed Chinn

New Eyes for a New World

What strange pattern did the fighter pilot see in the farm land below his plane that day in 1944? How did the scientist see magnificence in the repulsive petri dish? What lies hidden in the “petri dish” of your family, friends, career, or neighborhood?

The actual physiology of sight–light passing through the cornea, pupil, and lens and then striking the retina–is only a part of how we see. We cannot interpret the light and patterns of our environment without the symphony of all our faculties. Everything we see passes through the filters of our life experiences, emotional and physical health, beliefs, fears, yearnings, education, special training, and attitudes.

So, can we find “new eyes” for seeing the possibilities all around? Step into this bold new book and take a soaring flight to the enchanted land of “Yes!”

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