I Know the Plans
Morris Chapman

I Know the Plans

In his long-awaited autobiography, Morris Chapman takes the reader through the stories, songs, and seasons of a blessed life. The reader will gaze into the intense poverty, injustice, and rejection as God prepared him for a life of service. Along the way, we meet the entertainers, pastors, prophets, and preachers, and the very special lady named Shirley; all of whom God used to shape Morris Chapman’s life and gifts.

What People Are Saying…

My friend Morris Chapman is one of the true pioneers of worship. This book reveals how God boiled a man in the cauldron of affliction so that he would be a suitable instrument in His Hands. You want to worship? Really worship? Read this book.
– Andrae Crouch

I was excited about reading I Know the Plans because I’ve known Morris for a long time. And I’ve always loved the way God has used him in so many areas and in every season of his life. But I did not know the many highs and lows of his life. It’s all here, the joys, the heartbreaks, the struggles and the delights of Morris’ blessed life. Trust me; I Know the Plans is a must read.
– Reverend Roosevelt “Rosey” Grier

I Know the Plans is beautifully and powerfully written! It reads like a novel; I could see the scenes in the theater in my mind.
– Babbie Mason - Author, Embraced by God

What a beautifully written, honest and uplifting book! I’ve listening to Brother Morris’ music for over 25 years now, but I didn’t know the journey that helped shape him to be one of the Fathers of worship music around the world. When I read Chapter 8, about Brother Morris getting arrested and going to jail, I shared it with my family. All they could say was “wow!” I know that many readers will will be saying “Wow” repeatedly throughout this fine book.
– Alvin Slaughter - Recording Artist and Speaker

Morris Chapman and his music are a huge gift to us at Brooklyn Tabernacle and to the world! This book — his life — will get you singing praises to our Lord with our friend Morris.
– Pastor Jim Cymbala - The Brooklyn Tabernacle

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