Footprints in the Sea
Ed Chinn

Footprints in the Sea

In this important new book, Ed Chinn considers a unique feature about Jesus: during His earthly life, He often vanished from times and spaces where He was expected. So, it should be no surprise that He has disappeared again.

This time, Jesus has slipped away from those regions commonly known as “Christianity.” As King of the whole earth, He has a majestic domain and a matching work list. Furthermore, as a King, He does not jump into times and places as directed by His subjects.

Could this be the reason “millions” (according to Barna and other researchers) are leaving—and will leave—the visible church? And, yet, most Christian believers, pastors, and other leaders have no clear or helpful view of this cataclysmic and continuing shift.

Good news: God is not concerned about this phenomenon. It is healthy and essential. In fact, this shift can—for those who see clearly—mark the end of illusions and a return to the centrality of the Christ.

Footprints in the Sea is a spiritual GPS for those ready to discover the authenticity, spontaneity, and exhilaration of daring to follow Christ into regions beyond the maps.

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