Daddy, Help Me!
Ken Harvey & Mary Sue Hermes

Daddy, Help Me!

Daddy, Help Me is a vivid and colorful children’s book about life skills. But, even more than that, it captures the beginning of a life-altering conversation between fathers and their children. In 32 pages, Daddy, Help Me presents very simple and serious considerations of wealth, power, education, health, public service, and other vital issues.

Ken Harvey is the author of Daddy, Help Me. After attending the University of California at Berkeley, Ken signed with the Phoenix Cardinals in 1988. In 1994, he joined the Washington Redskins. Now retired from professional football, Ken stays busy with his company, Jaka Consulting Group, a business development company. He is also the author of When Chocolate Milk Moved In, The Eggster’s Story, The Fridge Games, Fear in the Fridge, and Brothers of the Storm. Ken, his wife Janice, and their two children live in Northern Virginia.

Mary Sue Hermes, the illustrator of Daddy, Help Me, has also illustrated numerous other children’s books (including Ken Harvey’s “Life in the Fridge” series). She displays an artistic vision refined and enriched by her roles as a wife, mom of four grown children, and a grandmother to a growing clan. Mary Sue and her husband Jerry live in Sterling, Virginia.

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